Urban and Suburban Beekeeping

An important part of beekeeping is recognizing honey bee diseases and pests.

Here are some books and sites that will assist in identification:

CAPA Honey Bee Diseases & Pests

Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists "Honey Bee Diseases and Pests" - provides a expert advice with the most current information on diagnosing and treating honey bee diseases and pests. Eighteen authors have contributed to the latest edition. Updates include the latest information on small hive beetle, viruses and nosema disease. The manual is also available in French. Copies can be ordered directly from CAPA.

Beekeeping in Western Canada is an essential book for learning about spring management of bees, winter feeding, honey extraction, honey bee health and marketing your beeswax, pollen and honey crop.

 Identification of honey bee diseases

National Bee Diagnostic Centre, Grand Prairie AB - for laboratory analysis, disease and virus identification.


Expert recommendations for treatment of diseases

British Columbia - Apiculture fact sheets
Alberta - recommendations for managing honey bee pests and diseases in Alberta
Manitoba - recommendations for administering antibiotics and acaracides to honey bees
Ontario - recommendations for honey bee disease control

Reducing the use of chemicals

American Foulbrood Shaking a 150 year old antibiotic-free management technique by Adony Melathopoulos

Varroa Mites - when to treat? - Economic threshold for treatment on the prairies by Dr Rob Currie

Nosema disease - diagnosis and control by Dr Steve Pernal, Adony Melathopoulos and Amanda van Haga