Plants for bees

Plants that attract honey bees

Be sure to plant a variety of flower shapes and sizes to attract a greater diversity of pollinators.


Annuals Perennials
Asters Buttercups
Calliopsis Clematis
Clover Cosmos
Hollyhock Crocuses
Marigold Dahlia
Poppy Dandelion
Sunflower Echinacea
Tansy Snowdrops
Yellow hyssop Thistle
Zinnia Yarrow
Herbs Fruit
Bee balm Blackberry
Borage Blueberry
Catmint Cantaloupe
Cilantro/Coriander Cucumber
Fennel Capsicum/Pepper
Lavender Pumpkin/Squash
Mint Raspberry
Rosemary Strawberry
Sage Watermelon
Shrubs Trees
Berberis Basswood/Linden/Tilia
Butterfly bush Black locust
Button bush Fruit - apple, cherry, plum, pear
Carragana Hawthorn
Cotoneaster Maple
Potentilla Mountain ash
Privet Poplar

Click here for a list of hardy plants suitable for Zone 3 like the Cariboo region BC.