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Api-culture  Api Culture Hautes-Laurentides inc. - Queen bees, Canadian northern stock bred in Napa Valley CA in the spring "Pope Canyon Queens, LLC." and in Quebec "ApiCulture H-L Inc." for summer and fall queens, both productions are with Anicet's selected stock - 4 Frame nucs. Phone 819-587-4825

Saskatraz  Saskatraz Queens Mite tolerant, disease tolerant traits from Saskatraz Hybrid Project breeding quality, hardy, Canadian queen bee stock. Phone 306-373-9140

urban bee supplies Urban Bee Supplies Offering locally sourced BC queens from Spring through Fall. Mated, young, proven queens that are usually MARKED! Shipping options available at any quantity. Volume pricing available with advanced notice. Nucs with local queens available as early as Late April. Contact: sales@urbanbeesupplies.ca or Phone 604-364-1993 .


Package bees, nucleus colonies

BCBeeSupply  BC Bee Supply - Call or email to reserve your local BC nucleus colonies, queen bees and mason bees. Burnaby BC. Phone 236-888-1484 Email sales@bcbeesupply.ca

EQA  Early Queen Arrivals - Queen bees from Australia, Chile and California - Quality service and reasonable pricing for early season splits, re-queening or pollination needs. Summer nucs available. Phone 613-395-3225

Stanabbey Stanabbey Bee Supplies Matériel Apicole - Queen bees, nucleus colonies and package bees. Les reines, les abeilles en paquets ou ruchette à nucléus. St-Stanislas de Kostka, QC. Phone 450-373-7535

urban bee supplies Urban Bee Supplies Packaged bees imported from Australia and New Zealand (Arataki) packages each Spring. Australian packages from Tasmania which is a mite-free region. Switch to local nuc supply as early as Late April, with availability through May and beyond. Local nucs with local queens available. Nuc shipping available! Contact: sales@urbanbeesupplies.ca or Phone 604-364-1993 .

westman Westman Honey Bee Producers- Nucleus colonies, 5 frame Manitoba grown, from a group of Manitoba beekeepers. We deliver to Winnipeg. Phone 204-728-9129


bee supplies

Hive equipment

BCBeeSupply  BC Bee Supply - Metro Vancouver's beekeeping supply store. Great in-store selection. Shipping throughout BC. Phone 236-888-1484 Email sales@bcbeesupply.ca

  Dancing Bee Equipment- Canada's Beekeeping Equipment Store. 100% Canadian made woodenware. We are dedicated in helping your apiaries grow in a cost effective and profitable way. Phone 905-753-2623 Email sales@dancingbeeequipment.com

D&G  Dominion and Grimm - A Family owned business in operation for 100+ years. We have all the packaging solutions you need for your honey house! Glass jars, metal caps, mason jars, plastic bears and containers, plastic pails, combed honey containers and so much more. Phone 1-877-676-1914 Email heather@dominiongrimm.ca

Lacelles  Lacelle's Apiary and Beekeeping Supplies - Woodenware, beekeeping supplies, glass jars and beeswax products and more. For our complete line of equipment visit our website. Phone 613-253-0566 or 613-250-2098

OKBeehives  Okanagan Bee Hives - Bee hive woodenware, manufactured in Armstrong, B.C. We specialize in insulated hives and nuc boxes, but have a complete line of Langstroth woodenware products. We have developed a hybrid “Okanagan Top Bar Hive”, with innovative Langstroth features. Ask about our Flow Hive super. Contact us online or call Greg at:250-309- 0718.

PlanetBee  Planet Bee Honey Farm and Meadery - School tours, observation hive, books and treasures of the hive including honey, pollen, propolis and natural health products. Phone 250-542-8088

stanabbey  Stanabbey Bee Supplies Matériel Apicole - Beekeeping equipment and supplies,. St-Stanislas de Kostka, QC. Phone 450-373-7535

urban bee supplies Urban Bee Supplies Based in town of Ladner, BC near Vancouver. We supply the lower mainland and beyond. Wide range of beekeeping products and education services. Specialized in outfitting small-scale beekeepers. Canadian woodenware including beginner kits, assembled boxes and frames. Affordable and fast shipping options throughout BC and beyond. Contact: sales@urbanbeesupplies.ca or Phone 604-364-1993 .

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